Undergraduate Project

Luke created the web resource “International Interfaith Education.com” as his senior undergraduate project for his major of Interfaith Leadership Studies at Elizabethtown College. The idea behind the creation of a resource like this stemmed from Luke’s work at Elizabethtown College’s Office of International Student Services. After consulting with the director of the office, Kristi Syrdahl, and his academic supervisor, Rev. Dr. Tracy Wenger Sadd, he formulated the idea of creating a web resource to help international educators with the underrepresented topics of religion and interfaith. The goal of this resource is in no way acting as an all-encompassing learning means. Rather, this compiled resource is made available to pique curiosity and broadly help institutions of any kind, but especially international education departments to help solve problems they may face relating to religions of individuals.

Project Components

  • Website

    Luke's web resource "International Interfaith Education.com" acts as a resource to raise consciousness about the importance of religion has in our globalized world. Click the thumbnail below to visit the website.  

  • Preliminary Documentation

    Luke created the preliminary documentation below for his web resource "International Interfaith Education.com" in order to help give logistical guidance to users who would be filling out the needs analysis and impact assessment that Luke also created for the web ...

  • Needs Analysis & Impact Assessment

    The following needs analysis and impact assessment were created as part of Luke's "International Interfaith Education.com" web resource for his senior undergraduate project. The document guides users through identifying concerns, brainstorming solutions, testing feasibility, implementing solutions, and assessing the impact ...